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    For every print I start, I also check and/or do the following:

    1. Push down in all four corners of the print bed to verify that none of the magnets have slipped from their original locations (better option = glue them in so that they don't move around)

    2. Use the LCD menu interface to preheat the hotend for every job

    3. Use the OctoPrint interface to extrude 8mm of filament to prime the hotend (having commented out the GCODE in OctoPrint which would otherwise have printed a priming line at 210 degrees C)

    4. One last check to make sure that the filament spool isn't cross-threaded and to verify that there's enough filament for the job

    5. Use the OctoPrint interface to start the job, then clip off any excess filament from the extruder just before the print starts

    6. Watch while the first layer prints and abort early if there's any problem (since it's easier to cleanup and restart then to come back hours later to a mess)

    It's also good to put the printer on an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) so that you don't lose a printout in case of power-related problems of short duration.

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