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    Jim Greene

    need more info WHEN is your extruder at 20 mm 

    at start of a print? 

    at home position?

    I recently had a problem of this type & could not fix it using any of  the control items in my soft ware I am using Matter Control  From Matter Hackers What are you using? 

    I ended up going to The matter Hacker center They are about 20 miles from my home they went over my R1+and had to rev flash the board something had gotten messed either by me or a bug on line 

    I don't know how much you know about the soft ware you are running have you tried checking your Z off set and if it says that it is 20 mm edit it to about 1 mm and try a print have you finger on the power switch just in case something  unexpected starts to happen If you live in Ca. and are close to Irvine check with Matter Hackers they are great at helping fix this kind of thing


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